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This parent's website has doctor-approved, accurate, up-to-date, and jargon-free health information about children from before birth through adolescence.
Ask for help. Tell someone that you want help dealing with your troubles and the cutting. If the person you ask doesn't help you get the assistance you need...
If you feel depressed, it's best to do something about it -- depression doesn't just go away on its own. In addition to getting help from a doctor or therapist, here are 5 things you can do to feel better.
Find the answers you are looking for in the Bible, a guide for life in a challenging world. Some have trouble knowing where to start and this guide will give you a place to begin your search for the answers in God's word of truth.
Billy Graham writes, "Yes, God hears our prayers on all occasions, whether we're praying out loud or praying silently in our hearts and minds."
About half of the marriages in the United States today end in divorce, so children of divorce are certainly not alone. If you are dealing with your parents' divorce, read this article for information and support.
The Bible teaches us that prayer is the privilege of those who have become righteous children of God (John 1:12).
Sometimes parents stay levelheaded when they disagree, and they allow each other a chance to listen and to talk. But many times when parents disagree, they argue. Here's how to deal with it.
My testimony starts a bit cliché like a lot of Christians... I know I was brought up in a Christian family but I have to say the fact that my parents were Christians didn't...
Prayer is spiritual communication between man and God, a two-way relationship in which man should not only talk to God but also listen to Him.
Bipolar disorders are one of several medical conditions called depressive disorders that affect the way a person's brain functions. Find out more about bipolar disorder by reading this article.
There is no formula to prayer--it is simply conversing with God.
Billy Graham writes, "Bitterness is like a poison that will destroy you if you aren't careful. Most of all, bitterness will cut you off from God."
If someone close to you has died, you probably feel overwhelmed with grief. Read this article to learn some ways that may make it easier to cope.
Teen suicide is becoming more common every year in the United States. It is a leading cause of death in teens and youths ages 10 to 19 years old.
Here are 5 practical tips on goal setting that can help make it easier to set and reach goals.
Abuse - physical, emotional, or sexual - has no place in love. Read this article to find out how to recognize the signs of abuse in yourself or a friend and how you can get help.
Alcoholism causes anguish not only for the person who drinks, but for everyone who is involved with that person. But there are things you can do to help cope with the problems alcoholism creates in families.
Bullying has everyone worried, not just the people on its receiving end. Read this article to learn about dealing with bullies, including tips on how to stand up for yourself or a friend.
Billy Graham writes, "Your first prayer should be for yourself--a prayer that God will forgive your sins (including your failures as a husband), and that Christ will come to live within you."
Listen today to Billy Graham as he asks, "Is it worth living your own life the way you want to live rather than living for God?"
Need Prayer?
Call 1-800-4-PRAYER (1-800-477-2937)
Lines are open 24 Hours Daily Monday - Sunday
Provided by National Prayer Center.

Prefer using the web? Since they realize that life can throw you curve balls, the Air 1 team prays together every day and they want to lift you up in prayer, too. Send your prayer request online.

If you have an emergency, call 911 immediately.

Seek Professional Help
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False:There is no hope for those with HIV/AIDS.
True:Great progress is being made in treatments and the rate of infant infection in some countries is dropping rapidly. There is also a dropping rate of new infections in many countries with strong prevention programs. The Church provides hope as it increasingly becomes engaged. Read all 10 Myths About HIV/AIDS.

Learn 6 ways to get your church involved. Learn how.
How to S.T.O.P. aids. Learn more.

Get Help Today, It's Never Too Late
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Your Life Matters

The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren (Author) "This is more than a book, it is a guide to a 40-day spiritual journey that will enable you to discover the answer to life's..."

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Virginia Tech Counseling Initiative

The American Counseling Association (ACA) is providing assistance to Virginia Tech students this summer. Licensed professional counselors throughout the United States have volunteered to provide up to five counseling sessions at no charge to Virginia Tech students over the summer. Students who would like to talk and reflect about the events of April 16th should visit ACA's Virginia Tech Counseling Initiative web page for more information.

Ongoing support resources for students, faculty, staff, and their families

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